For several centuries, Quebec has been a land that has seen its cultural heritage mature and its traditions perfected to create products of surprising quality.

Offering the best to our customers is no longer a goal to achieve, it has become one of our standards today.

Sharing a culture

Gastronomy is one of the most important parts of a country's cultural heritage, and Quebec is no exception to this rule.

Thanks to our wide choice of products, we want to share the secrets and all the magnificent colors of Quebec.

Unrivaled quality

A large number of products have reached us since the beginning of this adventure, but few have remained.

We only select the best of the best. This desire to offer only the best is one of our greatest strengths and is surely one of the reasons for our success.

Customers' opinion

What our customers say about us!
G. LapointeRegular client

I've lived in Switzerland for 20 years now, it's the first site that offers real products like in Quebec.


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