3x Sortilège Prestige liqueur 750ml

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3x Sortilège Prestige liqueur 750ml

Sortilège Prestige, an exceptional taste experience inspired by the ancient art of whisky making.
This exquisite blend was created from carefully selected Canadian whiskies, distilled in small batches and aged to perfection, then blended with the purest maple syrup to create the finest maple whisky in the world!

Percentage of alcohol: 40.9
Capacity : 750ml
Consumption : At room temperature or “On the rocks


3x Sortilège Prestige, Canadian maple whisky 750ml.

It is meticulously made in small quantities according to an ancestral recipe that brings together two natural treasures: whisky and maple syrup.

Canadian whisky is masterfully distilled only from rye grain. It is then aged in white oak barrels for at least seven years. First-pour maple syrup is recognized as the best in the world and can only be collected at first thaw. We monitor the aging of our Canadian whiskeys to ensure that they have reached optimal maturity before final blending. This new blend rests until the perfect marriage of flavors is achieved, guaranteeing harmony and exquisite taste.

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