3x Sortilège maple whisky, 700ml

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3x Sortilège maple whisky, 700ml

Sortilège, a taste experience from another world, which won a silver medal at the whisky competition in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
A reputation justified by its very good choice of Canadian Whisky blended with pure maple syrup.

Percentage of alcohol: 30.0
Capacity : 750ml
Serving: Served cold or “On the rocks


3x Sortilège, maple whisky, Canada liquor 700ml.

Meticulously made according to an ancestral recipe that brings together two natural treasures; whiskey and maple syrup.

Liquor of dark golden yellow hue and dominant aromas of maple. This Canadian whisky is masterfully distilled only from rye grains. It is then aged in white oak barrels for three years. First-pour maple syrup is recognized as the best in the world and can only be collected at first thaw. We monitor the aging of our Canadian whiskeys to ensure that they have reached optimal maturity before final blending. This assembly rests until the perfect marriage of flavors is reached, guaranteeing harmony and exquisite taste. The mouth is smooth and reveals maple taffy flavors.

This maple whisky can be enjoyed cold or on ice. It is a great way to end a meal. After a day outside, a little glass of spell is delicious. You can even serve it to your guests directly on a scoop of vanilla ice cream…the “wow” effect, you know?

Maple whiskey can also be used in the composition of several cocktails. Be creative!


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